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How to Prepare   for an Amazing    QHHT® Session

Here is some basic information and suggestions you can use to begin your preparations BEFORE the day of your session.

Engaging the Right Side of the Brain

Have you ever been driving for several miles when suddenly you realize you don’t remember driving those miles? Or have you ever caught yourself day dreaming during a meeting or class? Or visualizing how you would like your next home to look? What type of house would You design - brick? stone? a mixture? What colors would You paint the walls? What type of fire place would You create?

When we day dream, or create something in our mind, we are engaging the part of the brain that we work within a QHHT session. It is the Right hemisphere of the brain. The opposite hemisphere, the left side - has a very important function too, when we need to analyze data or work with numbers, such as Accounting and Engineering, but when we do a QHHT session, it is important to give that part of our brain a rest. You could imagine turning a light switch off on the left side of your brain and imagine it going dark—it’s still there and knows what’s going on, but we want the Right side of the brain to take center stage now - imagine turning the light switch ON to the Right side - imagine the Right side of the brain lighting up!

In the days or weeks prior to you coming in for your QHHT session, the more you can engage the Right side of your brain, the more easily the information can flow from your Higher Self. It is the part we will be working with in your session. So, there are many exercises you can do to start stretching, warming up, and activating this part of your brain before coming to your session.

Do anything that puts you into that “dreamy” sort of state. Relaxation is always needed to be able to produce this effect, so do those things that you know will have positive results for you. It could be walking, jogging, gardening, fishing, listening to music, taking a bubble bath with candle light, listening to some Guided Visualizations, etc.


Your upcoming session is something Good that you are doing for Yourself. Take this interlude from your busy life and just Relax into this beautiful process. The process has already begun from the moment you decided to schedule your appointment. Let it unfold from your Higher Self—allow your Higher Self to communicate with you easily and clearly. I will be there to guide and assist you in this process during your session, but even before that day, you can begin training your mind in preparation for it. If you hear anything from the left side of the brain trying to interrupt this beautiful peace within you—just say, “Shhhh…..take a rest for now. I appreciate what you do for me when I need you, but right now, during these moments, my Creative side has come out to play. I am giving it front and center of the stage right now. Let’s hear what it has to say… Let’s see what it has to show me… Let’s see what information it has for me…”

If you meditate, this would be a perfect time to be doing this every day leading to your session, and again the day of your session. If you have trouble quieting the chatter of the left brain when you are trying to relax, it will be helpful for you to spend some time each day listening to a Guided Visualization or Guided Meditation during a time you will not be interrupted. I strongly suggest you keep paper and pen nearby. Write down ideas, images, scents, feelings, or information that comes through for you when in this relaxed state. It could be only a single word or a tiny piece of a picture--write it down anyway! Sometimes you will find that when you put your pen to the paper, to write one little word or image down, much more information will start coming to you.


Set your Intention

Intentions are very important. What is it that you would most like to gain from your session?

Here is an intention that you can write and keep near your bed at night or tape a few copies of it in various places that will get your attention during the day. Say it to yourself often - especially as you fall asleep at night:

"I have Clear & Direct Contact with my Higher Self. I connect with my Higher Self easily and effortlessly."

Please understand that everything is already pre-arranged. I would say the most important work starts before the session, when the practitioner opens up to serving and the client allows to be guided to the right practitioner.

Prepare a List of Questions

Bring a list of questions with you to your session. These need to be neatly hand written or typed, so that I can easily read them. They need to be pertinent to your life only—not someone else’s life. They need to be open-ended questions for the most part—not questions that require only a “yes” or “no” answer. You can ask ANYTHING (no judgement here), although you will need to prioritize them (put the most important ones first), so that if we run out of time, we will have covered the most important ones. 15 or so questions would be a general guideline. We will discuss your Questions List during our pretalk or "Interview" at the beginning of your session.

Here are a few Sample Questions.


What is the purpose of my relationship to my partner in this life time? Have we achieved what we came to do together or is there more we need to do?

Are there other relationships in my life (past, present, or future) which you can give me guidance for?


Vision: Is there anything that can be done to improve my eye sight? What is causing the fluctuating blurriness that I’ve been experiencing lately?

Misalignment of Jaw and Back: What has caused the asymmetry on my body, and can it be aligned and how? What is causing the back pain? What should I do for this?

Weight imbalance: Why am I having so much weight gain and trouble releasing the excess fat? Why do I retain so much water?


I’m feeling burnt out at my current job. What should I do?


What is my purpose here?

How should I proceed on my path for the best benefit for myself and others?

What changes do I need to make for a more joyous and balanced life?

What is the Best way for me to communicate clearly and directly with my Higher self?

What do I most need to know right now?


Why have I been finding so many feathers lately? Are these messages from Spirit? Should I be working with the energy of these feathers, or just observe them as messages?

What was the “Spiral” Tunnel I felt myself falling into when I drifted off to sleep every night when I was about Five years old?

To provide the best possible outcome for your session, it's best to follow a few guidelines:

 Please, no alcohol or drugs the evening before or the day of your session, in fact it is best to abstain from it all completely for few days before. You'll want to be raising your awareness not dampening it through the depressants. Limit caffeine in the morning. If you are a coffee drinker, then try to consume less on the day of your session. If you normally drink 3 cups of coffee, try to drink only one. Too much caffeine may make you jittery and lessen your ability to deeply relax into the Theta brain wave during your QHHT session. Remember that chocolate, some teas, energy drinks, and soda also contain caffeine.

Eat a light , healthy meal on the morning of  arriving for your session. Also try to  avoid unhealthy processed foods few days before your scheduled session. You will be in session  for a few hours, so you don’t want to be hungry during session, food is not what you want to focus your attention on while you are in trance, you want to be able to completely relax and allow great experience. Drink plenty of water few days prior  and the morning before your  session, but start to only sip water an hour before your session to begin. The goal is to minimize the need for any bathroom breaks while you in Theta trance, so please hydrate well in the evening and early morning before you arrive.

Please bring a little food (fruit, nuts, granola bar, cheese , etc.) and beverage to snack on during our discussion after the hypnosis session. Snacking will also help you to ground yourself into this reality after your deep and amazing journey of self-enlightenment and empowerment.

Wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing. You will be lying on the couch for about 2 hours with your shoes off. I will have plenty of blankets & throws, so don't worry about being cold.

Block off several hours for your session and please, do not make any appointments on your session day. We do not want to rush this experience.

And the most important part - come with NO expectations. Just allow and trust the process. Try to think of this entire day as a day being spent totally on YOU!

I do sessions in my home, so don’t be surprise when you realize you are parking by the regular house. Also, I hope you are not allergic to dogs. We have a DOG living in our house, though she will be locked in the bedroom for the entire time of your session.

I personally had my own physical and emotional healing and watched as a client's struggles were made understandable and then dissipated which allowed them to move on in their life in a much happier and healthier way. Please note that your practitioner is not doing the healing. YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience.

The power of this experience is that it is YOU (the Higher Self) telling YOU (the conscious self) what the root causes and issues are and how the healing is occurring. I am only the facilitator and your assistant in this process.

If you have questions about how a session works please feel free to contact me. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. I only book one appointment a day to ensure that all needed time and attention is given to each client.

My intention is to assist you to receive the information you seek so that you can have a very happy and focused life. I will do everything in my power to work for your greatest good and give you the tools you need to move forward in your life in a happy, insightful and productive way. I am simply your guide to show you that all answers lie within and are accessible by YOU!


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